Bedrule Village 002

Bedrule was home to the Clan Comyn (Cumming), who had come from the town of Comines in northern France at the time of the Norman invasion, until John III (Red) Comyn was killed by Robert the Bruce. There is a 14th-century charter by Robert I granting Bedrule, called Bethocrule, to James Douglas who, in turn, granted it to the Turnbulls for protection against the English.

Bishop William Turnbull, who founded Glasgow University, was born in Bedrule around 1400.

The Bedrule kirkyard provides a spectacular view of Rubers Law rising to the west above the Rule Valley.

The kirk contains beautiful stained glass windows and a number of plaques about the Turnbulls and other families.

BedruleAndRuberslawBedrulecairn2Bedrule Kirk is a listed building of regional and high local importance. Sunday worship services are conducted on a regular basis.

There is a cairn conceived by Norman Turnbull in the kirkyard with a descriptive plaque commemorating the important influence of Bedrule Castle in the history of the Borders and the Turnbull reivers. Fittingly, Bedrule kirkyard is usually a quiet place with only the sounds of the wind, birds, and the rumble of the Rulewater in the nearby valley below the church.